Concerto #2 for Contrabass and Orchestra (2016)


conc2p1Patrick Neher has very recently completed his second concerto for contrabass and orchestra. He also has recorded it, along with Concerto #1 “Pop” on a new demo CD produced by ISG Publications and Bellingham Technical Orchestra (available now).  If you want a demo copy of the CD, please use our inquiry page.

Concerto #2 is a bit more “serious” than Concerto #1 “Pop” and a tad longer. It utilizes the entire range of the double bass and has a special tuning to catch some interesting harmonics (G,D,A,D) but it can be played in regular tuning. The piece is of an expected three-movement structure, Allegro vivace, Lento (Pastoral Potpourri), and Vivace giocoso (Rondo) and orchestrated for full symphony orchestra.

Concert score (13 x 10 inches) and instrumental orchestral parts are now available for rent or purchase.  The solo contrabass part and study score (8.5 x 11 inches) are sold separately. Links here soon

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