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Patrick Neher's music written specifically for Dance includes: (more on Patrick Neher at

 Title:  Instrumentation:  Duration: Perform Requirements:
Gjauticurratifiticus in term in al aei  solo double bass, vln, vla, vc

12 minutes
Solo bass player and solo dancer on-stage, string trio off-stage, stage black with black-lighting (UV tubes), bassist must memorize piece, dance is improvised but follows music guidelines. Dancer's costume is fluorescent colored. Scored. Special lighting (UV on stage)
 The Frog Prince Continued... violin, double bass, soprano, tenor

 15 min
 Two or more dancers tell the story of the Frog Prince desperately trying to return to being a frog. Soprano sings parts of the witches, tenor the Prince. Bassist and violinist have spoken lines as well. All on stage. Slides of the children's book available for projection. Dance to be scored. On CD1
 Les Champs de Loivre, La Chasse, Danse Burlesque  violin, viola, cello, double bass, and piano

 25 min total
 Three chamber music works than can be individually done or all together to form an abstract story of a cow being pursued by Death (slaughter). Story line need not be followed. Virtuosic instrumentalists required. Staging unscored.
 Dance in the Clouds  7-14 double bass players, one for each dancer

 10 min

 Designed for a special performance of dancers above the audience, each being "connected" to the sounds of an individual bass player. 7-14 dancers. Scored improvisation. Available only from the composer. Email to Dance scored/choreographed by Ellen Bromberg.

 Suite "Pou Sto" (trio)  violin, double bass, piano

 20 min
 Four dances based on themes of moving matter: "Window Panes", "The Materials Waltz", "Treehouse Aria", "Ursa's Flight". Virtuosic performers required. Composed in 2002
 Ditties for Piano solo piano

20 min
Five dances based on food themes: "baskets", "melons", "rolls", "infusion", "steve's plate."  Styles range from waltz to running, jazziness to minimalist. Written for Tannis Gibson, pianist. Can be performed with live pianist (best!) or recording (hear example #1). (hear example #2) Composed in 2002
 Dance of the Marionettes   harp, marimba, double bass

 12 min
 Commissioned work designed for virtuosic performers. Story of three Marionette characters. Each has specific themes in the composition. Requires at least three dancers. Story-line, staging and lighting are at discretion of the choreographer.
 Antiphonal Dance eight double bassists in two groups of four

 Antiphonal effects if the two groups of four are spread apart on stage. Dance occurs between bassists and audience. 4 - 8 dancers required. Hollywood-like themes. Very energetic. Works well with young performers (not virtuosic on dancers' nor instrumentalists' parts).
 Compact Disk: "Music for Dance"  synthesized recording  50+ min  Fifty + minutes of a variety of dances ranging time each from :30 seconds to 8:00 minutes. Styles include jazz, rock, symphonic, contemporary, piano solo (including Ditties above), koto, guitar, percussion only, duets, etc. All useful for canned-music dance performances. Performance rights reserved by composer/publisher.

For more information about Patrick Neher's music for Dance; including commissioning, performance use/grants, workshops, and collaborations; contact ISG Promotions

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