ISG Offers Electronic Download of Contemporary Compositions

At ISG Publications we are now offering some compositions in digital download form, at reduced price. You simply click on the Electronic Delivery button located in the description of the composition you are interested in, then you will be taken to a purchase page. After payment, we send the piece in PDF as an attachment to your email. You can then reduce and print to your printer at home. Each PDF is in the actual page size that we publish the work. So, if you have a large format printer, that’s best, but a 68 to 90% reduction works to get the piece printed on smaller paper. Not all compositions are available in PDF form yet, and we are focusing on those compositions where the composer has specified acceptance of delivery to the customer in this form. and we will be focusing on solo instrumental works at first, then duets, then larger ensembles.

We hope this new (for us!) electronic delivery in PDF form will be another attractive feature that will encourage musicians to discover the great compositions that we offer. See the present list of electronically delivered compositions in the ISG Publications catalog at

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