Viola Duo Sonata Commission Received

Scott Slapin and Tanya Solomon, professional violists presently living in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, have commissioned Patrick Neher for a new concert sonata for two violas. Target finish date is June 2012, when they hope to record the work for a new album. In 2009, Scott and Tanya commissioned a duet from Patrick, titled Canons and Dances, that they recorded and performed to critical acclaim (see their Eroica label CD titled Sketches from the New World available at Eroica and iTunes).

The new work: “… has beautiful lyrical melodies that are enhanced by the wonderful, dark and mysterious tone color of the violas. There are dancy, technical passages, and long swooping melodies that challenge the players and engage the listeners.”  Violists should take a look for it in our catalog, around June 2012. In the mean time see Canons and Dances in our on-line catalog.

~ the isg team

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