Symphony #2 “Cascade” by P. Neher

sym2p1New and hot-off-the-press, ISG Publications presents: Patrick Neher’s Symphony #2 “Cascade” (2016) in one movement.  This 23 minute tour-de-force requires a rather large Classical orchestra with virtuosic players, particularly in the strings, wood winds and percussion.


A demo CD is available (gratis) as are study score, performance score and orchestral parts (rental or purchase).

“Symphony #2 ‘Cascade’ is a musical painting of mountainous environments, adventures and challenges. Imagine encounters of cascades of natural resources: water falls, of course, but also snow and rock slides, trees in large cascades of color, animals in large groups (herds, flocks) – cascading down mountain sides or traversing a meandering valley. My dreams while in these environments tend toward active movement; visions of falling debris, clouds, rain, hail, torrents of chemical reactions – catalyzed by sunshine and oxygen, myself falling from a high perch, piece-by-piece,  yet soaring above cascades of wild flowers, striations of rock, glacier and lava flows.” – PN

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