Acoustic Art Studio in Bellingham, WA

AASpicISG Publications / ISG Music Promotions has moved to the beautiful city of Bellingham, Washington.

In the summer of 2015 we launched our new, full-service recording studio; Acoustic Art Studio. Bellingham’s Premiere Recording Studio for Acoustic Musicians! We produce recordings that focus on jazz, classical, folk, and other acoustic productions. We respect the performance creations of acoustic artists and support their “sound.” Our studio is perfect for recording quintets to solos, audition “tapes,” demos, coachings, master classes, workshops, lectures, voice-overs, commercials, and any production where “live” acoustic recording is necessary. We also do remote recordings in your space, at your recital or concert, at your lecture or demonstration.

You have trained to be an expressive musician. We support that, and we enhance your art; letting YOU establish all performance parameters of balance, dynamics, and nuance. We do not process your group’s sound (unless YOU want it!)

For more information on production rates, times, schedule, publishing and marketing, etc., go to


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