New Release: Dittersdorf Sonata for viola & contrabass, or 2 basses

DittersdorfKarl Ditters Von Dittersdorf composed this Sonata in Eb for viola and contrabass sometime in the 1780s. This new edition is a completely revised editing and arrangement of the work. The editing, done by Patrick Neher, professor of music, takes into account the two existing scores of the piece and adapts much to accommodate the modern double bass. It is thought that the music was composed for the Viennese Contrabass, tuned in D major. So, an edition for two basses has been produced as well. Both editions are available NOW!

DittersPg1To order the new edition of the Dittersdorf Sonata in Eb for viola and contrabass, or the Sonata in D for two contrabasses, go to our sheet music sales site:
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