Symphony #2 “Cascade” by P. Neher

sym2p1New and hot-off-the-press, ISG Publications presents: Patrick Neher’s Symphony #2 “Cascade” (2016) in one movement.  This 23 minute tour-de-force requires a rather large Classical orchestra with virtuosic players, particularly in the strings, wood winds and percussion.


A demo CD is available (gratis) as are study score, performance score and orchestral parts (rental or purchase).

“Symphony #2 ‘Cascade’ is a musical painting of mountainous environments, adventures and challenges. Imagine encounters of cascades of natural resources: water falls, of course, but also snow and rock slides, trees in large cascades of color, animals in large groups (herds, flocks) – cascading down mountain sides or traversing a meandering valley. My dreams while in these environments tend toward active movement; visions of falling debris, clouds, rain, hail, torrents of chemical reactions – catalyzed by sunshine and oxygen, myself falling from a high perch, piece-by-piece,  yet soaring above cascades of wild flowers, striations of rock, glacier and lava flows.” – PN

Concerto #2 for Contrabass and Orchestra (2016)


conc2p1Patrick Neher has very recently completed his second concerto for contrabass and orchestra. He also has recorded it, along with Concerto #1 “Pop” on a new demo CD produced by ISG Publications and Bellingham Technical Orchestra (available now).  If you want a demo copy of the CD, please use our inquiry page.

Concerto #2 is a bit more “serious” than Concerto #1 “Pop” and a tad longer. It utilizes the entire range of the double bass and has a special tuning to catch some interesting harmonics (G,D,A,D) but it can be played in regular tuning. The piece is of an expected three-movement structure, Allegro vivace, Lento (Pastoral Potpourri), and Vivace giocoso (Rondo) and orchestrated for full symphony orchestra.

Concert score (13 x 10 inches) and instrumental orchestral parts are now available for rent or purchase.  The solo contrabass part and study score (8.5 x 11 inches) are sold separately. Links here soon

Neher – Antique Furnishings, Tone Poem for Symphony Orchestra

sym1neherp1livingroom d362f7abd602db2a2a30e0495d952ccdPatrick Neher’s first symphonic work, recentlypublished by ISG Publications, is “Antique Furnishings”, a Symphonic Poem in Olden Styles. Composed in 2016 for full symphony orchestra, each movement musically describes a lavishly furnished room in a Victorian mansion, and the human interaction that, perhaps in a romantic novel, occurs in each room. The first movement is titled,  Gentlemen’s Parlor – Allegro vivace. The second movement is; Ladies Boudoir – Andante dolcissimo. The third; Master Bedroom with Columned Terraces – (also) Andante dolcissimo. And the fourth movement is; The Games Room – Vivace molto.  Each movement runs the gamut of melodic and harmonic styles from Baroque and Classical to Rococo, Romantic and Contemporary – thus the “Olden Styles” subtitle.
A truly “listenable” work, Antique Furnishings is 22 minutes long and is the first of two symphonies composed by Patrick Neher, within a year (see blogs for Symphony #2).

A demo recording (gratis upon request), a master score (11×17 inches), a study score (8.5 x 11 inches), and a complete set of parts is available for purchase or rent from ISG Publications. Please inquire.



The First Double Bass Concerto!



Patrick Neher has just finished writing his first concerto for double bass. Concerto #1 “Pop” for Contrabass and Orchestra is three movements, playful, energetic, and “not too long”  (12:00 minutes). It is contemporary sounding but very accessible on first hearing with catchy melodies. It is an exciting new piece for the double bass repertory!

Patrick Neher plays Concerto #1 “Pop” for Contrabass and Orchestra, with The Bellingham Technical Orchestra (3rd mvt.). Orchestrated for chamber orchestra (1,1,1,2,2; 1,1,1; tymp, perc,4,4,3,3,2) and solo contrabass, the sheet music, study score with solo part, performance score and parts can by purchased at ISG Publications.
A piano reduction is being created and will be released soon.
ConcertoDB1stpg Concerto1stpg








We asked Patrick why, in all his years of composing compositions with double bass, he never wrote a concerto: “I think it is because there are already so many concertos for double bass that really do a good job of showing off a player’s abilities. Before now, I didn’t think I had anything to contribute to the repertory. Now, I have a lot of ideas, and this will not be the only concerto for bass that I will write – promise!”

And why is it subtitled “Pop?” “Well, the second movement is an Elegy to my father who passed away a little more than a year ago. My Pop…. and the composition is very much in a sort-of Hollywood style!”

This new concerto is recommended for adept high-school and college players, as well as for professionals who want to apply their new techniques to a soon-to-be-popular piece!

See more compositions for double bass at ISG Publications

Romance for Violin and Piano – Neher

Vln&PnoPatrick Neher’s latest commission is a virtuosic yet playful Romance for Violin and Piano, written for L.P. How, violinist, and Debra Ayers, pianist. – both residents of Santa Fe, New Mexico and internationally acclaimed soloists and chamber musicians. The three-movement composition explores the entire range of both instruments in somewhat jazzy style for the second movement, and in neo-romantic rhapsodic styles for the first and third movements. ISG Publications has rated the work at a Challenge Level of 8-9 (out of 10), being suitable for professional musicians. The work is scheduled to be recorded and premiered in the 2014-15 performance season, by How and Ayers, produced by ISG Music Promotions

For additional information and to buy the sheet music, go to our sheet music site.

Character Waltzes for Bass and Piano

Neher-CharacterWaltzesISG Publications announces the release of Patrick Neher’s Character Waltzes for Double Bass and Piano. This new work, composed in 2014, is approximately 10 minutes and is four lyrical and short waltzes based on theatrical characters (there are “Izia”, “Marco”, “Frankie”,  and “Josephine”) . The level of challenge is rated at 8 (out of 10) for the composition’s use of the entire range of the double bass and having challenge equal to a professional bassist’s ability. For more information, samples, and ordering information, please head over to our sales pages. For more information on Patrick Neher and his compositions, please click here.

ISG Publications / ISG Music Promotions is dedicated to publishing, presenting, and promoting today’s composers of music for double bass, cello, strings, and other instruments in combinations and solos that provide challenge for the player and lyrical yet contemporary accessibility for audiences.

Trio ‘Mimi’ for oboe, violin, double bass

mimi1Trio ‘Mimi’ for oboe, violin, and double bass is Patrick Neher’s newest chamber music composition, and is playfully described as a “mini-operetta.”  It combines three character roles (where each player must speak and/or sing a bit – along with skillfully playing their instrument) in a short drama about Mimi, the cat. Trio ‘Mimi’ is in one movement divided into four short acts. Each player is required to vocalize and to improvise. The total playing time is about 20 minutes. The piece was composed for L.P. How, violin, and Pamela Epple, oboe – to be premiered on a Serenata of Santa Fe performance in the near future.
For more information see

CD: “Patrick Neher – Ensemble!”

Ensemble!Ensemble-SlimLinerNOW AVAILABLE!

Sponsored by ISG Music Promotions, Patrick Neher has produced a new CD. His latest CD is a project focused on recording rarely performed or recorded compositions for bass in small ensembles (duets, trios, quartets and more). The compositions on the new album are from a variety of eras and composers, including Dittersdorf, Bottesini, Vanhall, J.S. Bach, Saint-Saens, and of course Patrick Neher. Much of the recording uses innovative recording techniques, including what Neher calls; “tele-recording.”

Including Patrick Neher, other featured performers include Scott Slapin, violist; and Suzanne Knosp, pianist.

ISG’s release of this unique recording is officially February 20, 2014. For more information or to contact Mr. Neher, go to his web

New Release: Dittersdorf Sonata for viola & contrabass, or 2 basses

DittersdorfKarl Ditters Von Dittersdorf composed this Sonata in Eb for viola and contrabass sometime in the 1780s. This new edition is a completely revised editing and arrangement of the work. The editing, done by Patrick Neher, professor of music, takes into account the two existing scores of the piece and adapts much to accommodate the modern double bass. It is thought that the music was composed for the Viennese Contrabass, tuned in D major. So, an edition for two basses has been produced as well. Both editions are available NOW!

DittersPg1To order the new edition of the Dittersdorf Sonata in Eb for viola and contrabass, or the Sonata in D for two contrabasses, go to our sheet music sales site:
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