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Sonatine-Etude by Camil Van Hulse

Camil Van Hulse, was born in Belgium in 1897 and died in Tucson, Arizona, in 1988, after a lengthy career in music, particularly symphonic direction and opera composition. Though not a bass player, Camil wrote the composition, Sonatine-Etude, after hearing the incomparable Gary Karr performing works of Bottesini on the local classical music radio station. Sonatine-Etude is both lyrical and technically challenging, yet surprisingly, it is written quite idiomatically for the bass. Camil's knowledge of orchestration is evident and the piece is a welcome addition to the repertory. A recording is available on "Bass Ascending Vol. 2"

MP3 audio sample: Energicamente

It is recommended to listen to the sample using head phones, or a high-quality computer speaker system

Hulse Sonatine


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